Real-Time Trading

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Real-Time Settlement

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Cross Asset-Class Support

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Ultra-low Transaction Fees

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Custodian Support


PR9 Assets can be traded across the PR9 Network in real-time. Whether through the exchange or sent to other network participants.

Balances on the PR9 Network are updated in real-time and reconciled between custodians at the end of each day.

The crypto-assets remain secure in cold storage, protected by the custodian with their existing high security measures.

The PR9 Network supports the issuing of a wide range of crypto-assets, with fiat and digitalised asset support to be rolled out in the near future.

Ultra-low network transaction fees enables high volume, low value transactions as well as high value transactions.

The PR9 Network works with a number of trusted custodians to ensure the highest security of the crypto-assets and enable choice for the user.


 How It Works

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Store your crypto-assets in cold storage with one of the PR9's Network’s trusted custodians, whether for long term investments, staking or client fund management.

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Deposits made into the trusted custodian's account will be issued on the PR9 Network.

1,000 BTC held in cold storage, will provide you with 1,000 BTC which can be traded on the PR9 Network.

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Using the PR9 Network’s open exchange, assets can be bought and sold with real-time trading and settlement.

Assets can also be sent directly to other PR9 Network members.

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Assets can still be withdrawn from cold storage at any time. Simply follow your custodian’s processes and your PR9 Network balance will be updated accordingly.


PR9 Council

The PR9 Council will bring together industry experts from across the blockchain and traditional finance ecosystems. Together they will collaborate to ensure the PR9 Network meets the needs of the clients, custodians and the wider-industry as well as adhering to all necessary regulations and requirements.



The PR9 Network allows your customers to trade the assets they hold within your secure cold storage solution therefore offering a USP from other custodians on the market.


Enable profit making activities, treasury management and liquidity management for assets which can remain secure in cold storage.

Industry Experts

Help guide the development and provide your insights for a platform which will transform the blockchain and cryptocurrency trading industries.